VMS COVID-19 Peer-to-Peer Support System

Looking to help during the COVID-19 Crisis? You could be a Peer Mentor
Feeling exhausted?  Do you need someone to listen? Experienced physicians are available to talk 
The Vermont Medical Society realizes during this time medical practitioners are under a lot of stress. In order to provide the best care for patients, health care professionals need to first take care of themselves. VMS is creating a network of support via a Peer-to-Peer model typically between retired or semi-retired members and active members who are treating patients amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
What could this look like?
  • A regularly scheduled phone call or video chat between you and a practitioner who has expressed need. Flexibility and confidentiality would be required.
  • A Peer Support would need to maintain a willingness to just listen and not judge what they hear.
  • A Peer Support should offer practical or personal advice when appropriate, based on your experience as a health professional.
  • These informal conversations should be a safe, positive space held for practitioners who may want to share what’s been happening since the outbreak began and may be looking for guidance or experience when practicing during these unique situations.
This Support Network is NOT….
  • A clinical counseling service
  • A ‘helpline’
  •  An opportunity to provide legal or detailed practice management advice
  • An opportunity to assist in diagnosing or treating patients
Interested in volunteering as a Peer Mentor?
As an experienced health care clinician, your professional experience and personal relatability is invaluable to members who are likely facing burnout, stress, or an overall decrease in their mental and physical wellbeing as they combat the challenges of this new virus. Beyond PPE, testing availability, and medical equipment, these physicians need emotional SUPPORT from someone like YOU. This is an opportunity for volunteers to help improve the wellbeing of health care providers who have elected to participate in this network.
Please click on the link below to provide us with your name and contact information. This information will be shared with VMS members who have identified as wanting to connect with peer support and they will make the initial contact with you. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y7XDJMW

Interested in receiving support from a Peer Mentor? The Vermont Medical Society has received a number of messages from retired members who are asking how they can support YOU as the fight against COVID-19 continues to affect Vermont’s health care system. A Peer-to-Peer Support Network has been established and is now available to practitioners who would benefit from discussing experiences, concerns, or hopes in a safe virtual-space with a seasoned VMS member volunteer.Please click on the link below and we will provide you with the contact information and availability for VMS Members who have volunteered.  You will have the opportunity to select a volunteer from this list and reach out directly to him or her. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X6G8RZM

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