VMS and AAPVT Advocate Against "Tax and Regulate"

Despite the Vermont Senate's determination to "fast track" a bill aimed at creating what has been called a "tax and regulate" system for marijuana sales in Vermont, the VMS and AAPVT continue to urge the Governor and the Vermont General Assembly to prioritize youth and roadway safety over revenue from a retail market for marijuana. The Senate Judiciary kicked off this week with testimony from the Governor's Marijuana Advisory Commission, click here for their reports. Although the Senate has expressed an eagerness to pass legislation authorizing the commercialization of marijuana, the House has expressed reservations. Please reach out to your legislators either via email or by calling the Sergeant of Arms at 802-828-2228 where you can leave a message and urge your legislators to oppose this proposal. For our latest Commercialization of Marijuana fact sheet click here. 

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