Vermont Medicaid Responds to DME Vendors Limiting Services to Medicaid Beneficiaries

VMS was made aware last week that Keene Medical Products will only provide a limited set of products to Vermont Medicaid Beneficiaries effective May 14.  VMS along with other health care organizations reached out to the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA), which responded with a summary of why this issue has arisen and advising practices and patients that can receive further information and connect with other DME providers by contacting DVHA’s Provider and Member Relations Team at 802-871-3187 or   DVHA’s full memo can be viewed here.  DVHA has also assembled a directory of the 181 DME providers that serve Vermont Medicaid and Medicaid providers and beneficiaries can use this list to contact DME providers for the services they need (linked here).  DVHA will be using the DME provider list to craft personalized member communications, i.e. if Jane Doe uses CPAP supplies then DVHA will give her a list of all providers offering CPAP supplies.  DVHA leadership is willing to set conference calls and meetings as needed to answer questions and resolve DME issues.  For more information contact Jessa Barnard at

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