Vermont Guide to Health Care Law

The Vermont Medical Society has been proud to host the Vermont Guide to Health Care Law, designed to give physicians and health care facilities a fundamental understanding of legal and regulatory requirements that affect the delivery of health care in Vermont today. 

The Guide is currently undergoing a major revision and is not available online.  If you have specific legal or regulatory questions, please contact Jessa Barnard at or (802) 223-7898. 

We hope to have an updated version of the Guide available on the website by late-2016/early-2017.   

The Guide will cover topics including: 

  • Business Issues
  • Consent, Privacy and Medical Records 
  • Employment Law 
  • End of Life Issues 
  • Fraud and Abuse Compliance 
  • Health Care Professional-Patient Relationship 
  • Health Professional Wellness and Recovery Programs 
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Issues 
  • Professional Liability 
  • Regulation of Physicians 
  • Reimbursement 
  • Reporting 
  • Risk Management 

Please also contact Jessa if you are interested in assisting with writing or revising sections of the Guide.  Thank you for your patience as we update this important resource. 

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