Vermont Guide to Health Care Law

VMS is pleased to announce that the popular Vermont Guide to Health Care Law has been completely updated and reformatted for 2018 and is now available online.   

The Guide is designed to give physicians and health care facilities a fundamental understanding of legal and regulatory requirements that affect the delivery of health care in Vermont today.   

VMS has worked with leading health care attorneys and experts across the state to review, revise or author each chapter of the Guide, including frequently-requested topics such as retaining medical records, closing a medical office and minor consent for health care.  

New chapters for this February 2017 edition include Reproductive Rights and Workers’ Compensation.   

The list of topics covered includes: 

  • Business Issues 
  • Consent, Privacy and Medical Records
  • Employment Law
  • Fraud and Abuse Compliance 
  • Marijuana for Therapeutic Use
  • Non-Discrimination in Health Care
  • Patient-Physician Relationships
  • Pharmaceutical Issues
  • Practitioner Health and Recovery 
  • Professional Liability 
  • Regulation of Physicians 
  • Reporting & Disclosure Requirements 
  • Reproductive Health and Rights 
  • Risk Management 
  • Workers’ Compensation 

Also new for 2017, the Guide has been complied in one Adobe PDF document so that the content can be downloaded, searched and navigated as one document rather than individual webpages.  Check back for updates as additional chapters are expected and current chapters continue to be updated as new laws and rules go into effect over the summer and fall of 2017.   

We hope that practices will find this a useful resource, addressing many common and not-so-common questions VMS receives from our members.  Please send comments or questions to Jessa Barnard at

View the Vermont Guide to Health Care Law here

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