Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Department of Health Access Ask Doctors to Help Patients Quit

Last week, the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) and and Vermont Department of Health Access (DVHA) sent out a letter signed by Commissioner Levine from VDH and Commissioner Gustafson from DVHA to Vermont physicians encouraging them to motivate their patients to quit. These departments are looking to increase referrals to 802Quits programs across the state and has developed messaging materials and resources for Vermont physicians in order to spur conversation with your patients on how to quit. They have posters, brochures and other resources for your offices available here. They also have waiting room posters that will be added this week. VDH and 802Quits have also updated their website for physicians looking for resources or how to refer their patients. Physicians will find details on the 802Quits quitline, online and in-person services, along with information on Medicaid benefits, continuing education and coding and billing. 

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