Please Take Action! Please Share Your Support For Access to Reproductive Health

Please Take Action! Share Your Support for H.57 and Protect Vermont Women's Access to Reproductive Rights
The House Human Services Committee needs to hear from Vermonters that supportH.57, a bill that would codify in state statute the right to reproductive health, including abortion services. Please find the latest VMS FAQ on H.57 here and the Know the Facts sheet here

Why Do We Need H. 57?
The Vermont Medical Society (VMS) supports protecting women’s reproductive rights, including the right to contraception and to safe legal abortion, through Vermont law and/or through a Vermont Constitutional amendment.

This bill would neither enhance nor restrict current access to abortion in Vermont. The goal of this bill is to prevent government interference between a patient and her healthcare practitioner and to allow healthcare practitioners to provide the highest quality, evidence-based, compassionate care that aligns with a patient’s goals. 

Please Email these Committee Members to Express Your Support for H.57 to Protect Vermont Women's Access to Reproductive Rights


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