Please contact the House Government Operations Committee

Please contact the House Government Operations Committee: APRN Licensure
Starting Tuesday, February 6, the House Government Operations Committee is scheduled to take more testimony and possibly vote on the proposed elimination
of APRN licensing requirements included in H.684.  
This bill, proposed by the Office of Professional Regulation, would remove prerequisites that APRNs must complete practice guidelines and collaborative practice agreements before receiving their license to practice independently.  The Committee took testimony on this proposal last week.  APRNs testified they appreciate the collaborative practice agreements, but don't think they need to be a legal requirement.  Dr. Anne Morris, a Family Practice Physician, testified on behalf of the Vermont Medical Society, that practice agreements provide a structured mentoring system for newly trained APRNS, allowing for direct guidance and consultation as NPs are gaining medical experience.  Jessa Barnard, Executive Director of VMS, testified that newly graduated APRNs do not have the same clinical preparation as a physician and that there is no direct evidence that collaboration will take place without the regulatory requirement. 
Please email the House Government Operations Committee members now to urge them to vote NO on these proposed changes and ask instead that the Vermont Board of Nursing work
with VMS and the Board of Medical Practice on safer alternatives. Copy the block of email addresses below for the Committee into your email and put "APRN licensing requirements proposal in H.684" in the subject line to send them your comments and concerns. 

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