Montpelier Minute - March 21, 2017

Topics: Federal health care reform and budget, pharmaceutical gift ban, regulation of medical assistants, and raising the minimum age of legal access of tobacco to 21. 

Additional legislative updates

Member input sought on two legislative issues
VMS is seeking member input on two pending legislative proposals: H.496 and H.345.  H.496 would require the Office of Professional Regulation to regulate the practice of medical assistants, while H.345 would expand the scope of APRNs in nursing homes, including providing “physician services.”  More » 

Multiple bills advance before “Crossover” deadline
Many legislative committees were busy making final changes and taking votes last week, as Friday was the “crossover” deadline for bills to make it out of their initial committee of jurisdiction.  VMS was active in a number of discussions around final language, including bills addressing Vermont’s vital records laws, and pharmacists and “interchangeable” biologic products.  More »    

Tobacco 21 advances to Senate floor
S.88, the bill to increase the age to possess and use tobacco products to 21, will be on the Senate Floor Wednesday.  VMS encourages you to contact your Senator and ask them to support this important public health measure. 
Marijuana legislation in flux
VMS continues to monitor H.170, a bill that in it’s current form would legalize one ounce of marijuana, growing of three mature plants and six immature plants.  Last week it seemed that this bill might have died in committee, but may be taken up again this week.  The Society will keep you updated as more information on the process becomes available. 

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