Health Care Advocates Urge Lawmakers to add Health Care Professional to Green Mountain Care Board

Montpelier – Along with thirteen key Vermont health care organizations, the Vermont Medical Society sent the House Health Care and Senate Health and Welfare Committees a letter last week urging them to pass legislation requiring a currently or recently-practicing health care professional get a seat on the Green Mountain Care Board at the next vacancy.


The letter points out that currently, the state of Vermont is in the process of transforming our entire health care system and at the center of this substantial reform is the Green Mountain Care Board.   The Board is responsible for regulating hospital budgets and health insurance rates, implementing the ACO/All Payer Model and embarking on a completely new way of paying providers. 


Each decision the GMCB makes stands to have considerable impact on every health care provider and most importantly, every patient in the state.  Health care professionals have been trained to take care of patients and their clinical experience can be invaluable when grappling with critical health care reform issues.  The Board benefitted from a physician member at its inception and most recently a primary care doctor and RN provided the clinician perspective.


VMS Executive Director Jessa Barnard says, "That clinician perspective is unique, and having someone who’s been in the exam room with patients and managed patient care and seen how health care works on the ground is a necessary and valuable perspective.” 


All Vermonters are dependent on the success of the GMCB in implementing the ACO/All Payer Model, increasing access to quality patient care, controlling the rate of growth of health care costs and other significant health care strategies.  Please find the letter from 14 health care organizations for support for the requirement of a health care professional on the GMCB here.

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