Governor Scott Signs Gun Legislation in Public Amidst Protest

Wednesday, April 11th, amidst a rowdy bunch of supporters and protestors, Governor Phil Scott kept a steady gaze and a clear voice as he told the crowd why he would be signing S.55, S.221 and S.422, the three gun safety bills that had passed the Vermont Legislature and had been sent to his desk. With a consolidated wall of lawmakers, Administrative staff and proponents of the legislation standing behind him on the Statehouse steps, the Governor spoke over the protestors to outline why this gun violence prevention laws are a rational step for Vermont. The Governor also encouraged all of us to listen and to not allow ourselves as Vermonters to get sucked in by the polarization of politics, “We must all reflect how we treat one another and the example that we’re setting for our kids,” he said. “Because I believe our violence issue is fueled by our anger issue.” For the Governor's full speech click here.  ACTION: Please take the time to thank your Representatives & Senators who supported this legislation (roll call votes for House & Senate) and thank the Governor as well by calling 802-828-3333 or sending a message here

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