Governor’s Single-Payer Bill Introduced in House

Governor Peter Shumlin’s single-payer health care reform bill has been introduced in the Vermont House by Representative Mark Larson of Burlington.  The full text of the bill, H.202, can be viewed here.
According to the bill’s statement of purpose, the legislation “proposes to set forth a strategic plan for creating a single-payer and unified health system” by:

  • Establishing a cost-containment board;
  • Creating system-wide health care budgets;
  • Pursuing payment reform;
  • Establishing a federally required health benefit exchange program;
  • Creating a public/private single-payer health care system that provides coverage for all Vermonters (once required federal waivers are secured);
  • Creating a consumer and health care professional advisory board;
  • Examining reforms to Vermont’s medical malpractice system;
  • Modifying the insurance rate review process; and,
  • Creating a statewide drug formulary.

VMS is currently reviewing the legislation and assessing its impact on the delivery of health care in Vermont.  Visit for future updates.

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