Alert: Contact Senate Committees to Oppose Changes to Medical Marijuana Registry and the Establishment of Commercial Sales

The Senate Judiciary Committee is beginning testimony this week on S. 54, a bill that would allow commercial sales of recreational marijuana. In its current form, the bill also overhauls the marijuana for symptom relief program. VMS opposes these changes and urges members to contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Health & Welfare Committees to share your concerns. The bill:

  • Establishes a regulatory system for the production and sale of recreational cannabis regulated by a “Cannabis Control Board”
  • Taxes cannabis at ten percent with a potential one percent local option tax

And for the marijuana for symptom relief program:

  • Eliminates the definition of “bona fide health care professional-patient relationship” and the requirement for the relationship to have any set length; 
  • Eliminates current statutes and rules regulating the program related to applications and operations of the dispensaries and defers the details to rulemaking; and
  • Allows marijuana use under the program for any “disease, condition, or treatment as determined in writing by a patient’s health care professional”

The full bill can be found here. VMS’s memo to the Senate with further details about the proposal can be found here.  Please send your comments to: and 

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