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VMS's ability to shape public policy debates on behalf of the state’s physicians is only as strong as the involvement we receive from our members. Nothing motivates elected officials or government administrators as much as receiving authentic, real-life  input from their constituents. VMS member participation can have a tremendous effect on legislative and rulemaking outcomes. 

Are you passionate about a current policy or health care issue? Become an advocate today by: 

  • Contacting legislators:
    • Vermont legislators value hearing from their constituents and others impacted by the legislation they are considering. Get to know your local legislator before you have a policy “ask” – introduce yourself and offer to be a resource on health and health policy issues; describe your area of practice and what it’s like to practice medicine in Vermont.
    • Find your legislator
    • Attend VMS Legislator Meet & Greets before legislative session starts
    • Attend VMS Advocacy Day
  • Follow legislation of interest
    • Track a bill
    • Follow VMS involvement via the VMS Rounds Newsletter and the VMS Legislative Bulletin  
    • Contact your legislator and/or members of key legislative committees following the bill to express your opinion. You can also find handouts, lists of witness and information on testifying on the Committee webpages.
    • You can reach legislators by emailing them, using their home contact information listed in the above search, by mailing correspondence to their attention to 115 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05633, or by leaving a message at the Statehouse by calling (802) 828-2228.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your hometown newspaper.
  • Inform VMS of your willingness to testify before legislative and policy committees or to visit the statehouse to lobby lawmakers in person.


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